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Summer Tips

Essential Summer Tips for Surviving the Season with a Smile

Well folks, the summer is almost upon us and I am here with this year’s summer tips : 10 essentials to help you survive the party season with a smile on your face.

Summer Tips

Within a few short days school will be letting out, if it hasn’t already, and before you know it the kids will be running around outside until dark. The smell of charcoal and hamburgers will be wafting your way from the neighbors grilling two doors down. And the warm summer breeze will carry away all the angst of the winter time.  Ok, well maybe it’s not that picturesque all the time! But if your family and friends are anything like mine- you will be invited to your fair share of parties, play dates, and sporting events. And when they do, these summer tips will help you feel much more prepared.

Each year, over the Memorial Day weekend my family and friends come together at my parents homestead. For us, this four day event marks many special occasions.  The first of which is remembering the heroes lost and their service. The next reason is that this occasion also marks the start of summer for us. It is special because even after all these years we can still come together, quiet the world,and for a few short days just enjoy each other’s company.

Summer Heat and Safety

These summer days are filled with kids running around for hours, camping out, water balloon fights, bonfires, music and Summer Tipslaughter.  It’s an absolute blast! But with all of these fun, also come all the other joys of being outside; like sun burns, heat exhaustion, bugs, and much more. These other joys can be dangerous, for adults and kids alike. It’s important to take the time to know what can be a safety concern and how to prevent it.  To help prevent these potentially dangerous situations you must be prepared. If there is anything I’ve learned over these last 8 years of camping out, its how to be prepared. So today I will share the list of my top 10 essentials for surviving the summer party season. This is the list you never knew you needed, until now! These items go with me everywhere in the summer time!

Now before I start this next section, I want to be honest with all of you regarding the items I am about to show. I am an affiliate with Amazon so if you decide to purchase them I may receive a portion of the proceeds. However this has ZERO effect on your pricing!! So here we go!

Top 10 Essential Summer Tips

1. Cooling Towels :

These are amazing! Get them damp and they will keep you cool for hours.

Summer Tips

2. ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Bug Spray with Tick Repellent :

They are saying this year is going to be a terrible tick season, so if you are planning to run and play outside this summer you will want some of this.

Summer Tips

3. Sunscreen :

Sun burn is the worst! When I was a child I used to “forget” to put sunscreen on all the time! I can’t tell you how many times I was as red as a lobster. I finalized wised up! Now I keep 1-2 cans of it with me always even for the cloudy days!

Summer Tips

4. Case of Water :

You never know when you will need it! Those days when you happen to stop at the park with the kids, or you take the kids for a hike.

Summer Tips

5. Lighter for starting campfires :

With both of my kids being in Boy Scouts, we are all fans of campfires in my house. So it is always handy to have a lighter available.

SUmmer Tips

6. Flash Lights :

Now this may seem like a no-brain-er, but can you believe there are some people that don’t carry a flashlight in their car? Well with this flashlight pack you will get 4. Small enough to fit in a glove box, and a few extras to help with those night time summer games of flashlight tag (or Five Nights of Freddy’s, as my kids call it).

summer tips

7. Glow Sticks:

I LOVE glow sticks! They are so much fun, and a safe way to light up the night without having to worry about flying sparks from sparklers. But one trick that I always use when being out at those summer parties with lots of kids running around, is to put a couple glow sticks on my children. That way I can identify quickly that they are still within ear shot and haven’t run off somewhere.

Summer Tips

8. First Aid Kit:

No matter where you live, the summer time is for exploring and running and playing outside. This also means there will be scrapes, bumps and bruises, bug bites, and more. One way to be ready for these (especially if you have adventurous boys like mine) is to carry a fully stocked first aid kit. This beauty has everything you could want; from band-aids, to anti-itch cream for those nasty mosquito bites.

summer tips

…The Grand Finale of Summer Tips

9. Portable Solar Charger :

This and the next item are two of my favorites!! Two things I didn’t know I needed until I started carrying them around. These days everyone has at least one if not two mobile devices with them at all times. So you need a way to charge them! Well here is your solution- a solar portable charger!! No joke, it has saved my life many times.

Summer tips

10. Hydration Whistle!

So this one may need a little more of an explanation. This whistle is actually sold as a survival item, and I will admit that way my original intent. It comes with a compass, a hollow center to place matches and/or fishing gear, and a small mirror to signal for rescue if you get lost in the woods. So I thought it would be perfect for my scouting sons that go hiking and camping regularly.

But one thing that I discovered was that it had another use. If your kids are anything like mine, when they are out running around having fun on a hot summer day, they all forget to drink water! So do most adults for that matter! When we are going to be outside at any point for more than 30 minutes I have implemented the hydration whistle. I set a timer on my phone and make sure that when the whistle is blown everyone stops what they are doing and drinks some water. It even helped the adults at our family parties keep from being dehydrated the next day!

summer tips

So everyone please enjoy your summer, but make it a safe one! Try out some of these tips and let me know what you think or what tips you have that are great for surviving the summer. Until next time!

summer tips


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  1. This is great! This is the first summer i’ll Have my little one with me all day and I’m always looking for tips to keep him healthy and entertained.

  2. Okay, this has totally got me even more excited for summer than I already was! And my mouth literally dropped when I saw there’s such a thing as a solar powered charger…that is amazing! You write really well and have organized this post perfectly – keep up the great work!

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