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Why I Need Your Feedback!

Criticism: The act or art of analyzing and evaluating or judging the quality of a literary or artistic work, musical performance, art exhibit, dramatic production, etc. (   I remember at time early in my career where I was heading up a project for our organization. The project was product launch for a particular vendor. […]

Historical Timeline

Common Core Part 2a: Historical Timeline of Education

After my last historical breakdown post; I thought it would be helpful to offer a timeline as a visual-aid. I am a visual and audio learner.  Because of that, sometimes seeing things laid helps me to gain a better understanding.  A timeline is a perfect example of a visual representation of complicated material. Especially when […]


The Power of the Push

How hard do you push yourself? I started seriously working out about 6 years ago. It was shortly after my divorce. It was a release for me. At times the weight of a failed marriage, having to raise 2 kids alone, felt so heavy. At times it felt as though emotionally I couldn’t breathe. That […]


Fighting the Schools for More Recess for our Kids

I’ve thought long and hard about this week’s blog post. As the nutrition and fitness awareness month continues, I decided to write about another area of our children’s well-being.  This is an area that I don’t feel is being properly addressed. This is the need for more recess in our children’s schools. Since the beginning […]


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