About Me

 Hi friends! My name is Stephanie. I am a mother of 2 boys, one age 10 and one age 6. I work a full-time job corporate job and I love reading, learning, cooking/baking, being active and fit, and learning how to make myself and my family more self-sufficient.

My Story:

I got married at the oh-so-young age of twenty-one. I had loved and lost, I had traveled the world, I had known tragedy. So why not get married?! I had seen it all! 😒 Or so I thought. Plus if you ask anyone that new me at that time, I wasn’t that great of a listener. Haha! That explains so much about my youngest! Anyway by the time I was 23 years old, I was a mother. No joke, almost my entire adult life I’ve had children.

I went through all my growing and growing-up pains, with my children at my side. I went through a painful emotionally abusive marriage, college, adulting, a budding career, a divorce, grief and what I like to call the Phoenix stage, single motherhood, dating.. all of it with 2 little boys in my arms. My kids and I have been through so much together; we’ve shared laughs, we have cried, we have played, and had dance parties. I’m not going to lie, there have been fish sticks because mom’s tired night, but always lots of hugs.

During the time I was learning how to be a strong mother, I was also learning how to be a woman. I think something about the two going hand in hand has helped me to learn, that in order to be the best mom I can be, I have to also take time to be me, the individual; the person separate from everything else. I’ve learned its ok to take time away from them, to learn and grow and love and I don’t have to feel guilty about it. Because I want to raise them to be independent, strong, educated, responsible adults, and I am showing them that they don’t have to feel guilty to wanting that for themselves, in addition to having a family.

So maybe I’m not the perfect mom. Maybe I’m not the wisest mom. But maybe I’m not the worst mom in the world either. As I write those words, I know my story isn’t that different from many of your stories.

And like many of you; I am simply a mom trying to be and do all the things a person, a woman, a mother wants to do. I want to have it all and I don’t feel guilty about it! Hopefully through my struggles you will see that you shouldn’t and don’t have to feel guilty about wanting it all for yourself either!!

 So what is Family Flux all about?

I will admit I am new to blogging, but hopefully my inexperience doesn’t show to badly! I am starting this blog to share with others some of the things I have learned, and to be a person that other parents can relate to. Someone that helps others know that its ok to want everything in life, and to go after it!  Even if you are a mother or father. Our children are there to learn from us, not to define us. So lets grow together and show them what a wonderful place it can be!